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OListik Founders

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Illona is a certified yoga teacher since October 2016 and a coach in integrative nutrition.


She supports individuals in their personal journeys, teaches them to channel physical and mental strength and encourages them to develop a deep listening of themselves.

She also has qualifications in positive psychology and nutrition, which allows a more comprehensive range of learning tools for all areas of life.


Illona is a free spirit, passionate about the natural flow of life. Her vocation is to spread love, joy and happiness among people through retreats, courses or coaching.

Her purpose is to embody unconditional love and to radiate this energy towards other individuals.

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Veronica has been active for more than 20 years in the finance sector and it is at the dawn of her 40th birthday that she realizes the need to rebalance her private and professional life.


Now more present for her children, she remains passionate about her job and decides to undertake training in sustainable finance which allows her to be more in line with her personal values.


Inspired by nature, practicing meditation and yoga, she was able to reconnect with the essentials and thus find more authenticity and simplicity in her life.


It is with great enthusiasm that she wishes to participate in this ecological and economic transition with the desire to position the activities of OListik - just like its co-founders - in compliance with the OListik Charter.

Sanela is an HR consultant with over 15 years of experience in meditation, mindfulness, and resilience. Passionate about sharing her knowledge and connecting with other practitioners and artisans dedicated to human and planetary well-being, she invites you to explore these valuable resources through the Olistik platform.


After a successful career in human resources within large multinational companies, Sanela founded SANZEN Consulting Sàrl to support businesses in optimizing their HR processes while promoting the well-being and performance of their teams.


Sanela's life journey has been marked by the hardships of war, which led to her family's forced displacement and childhood traumas. Despite these challenging circumstances, she has always sought peace, balance, and harmony in her own life. It was clear to her that personal growth and dedication to the well-being and peace sector were essential, which led her to establish the association SANCHILD.


OListik partners

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Patrizia Jelmini


Pharmacist, specialized in natural medicines, aromatherapy, natural cosmetics.
But also passionate about well-being and respect for nature.


We want to highlight Patrizia for her values, experience, passion and her desire to transmit her amazing wisdom that completely captivated us and we are delighted to present her to our community.


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Angèle Dietenbeck


Emotional Liberation Coach, specialized in Art therapy FR / EN

Passionate about personal development & spirituality, Artist at heart,

HPI and hypersensitive, she lives in the sun near the mountains in Tbilisi - Georgia

French, CreAtor of her life!


We wish to highlight Angèle for her joy, her kindness and creativity,

we are delighted to present her to you.


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Anouchka Neuvecelle

Specialized in the fields of Communication, writing, web development and graphic arts. "The manufacturing of natural hand-made candles became obvious for me, promoting an eco-responsible approach that respects our environment."

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Capture d’écran 2021-06-23 à

Noémi and Sophie

This is the very beginning of a new adventure between two friends, Noémi and Sophie, who one day set out to create their own earrings and other creations using recycled materials. Some friends enjoyed it... then more people enjoyed it as well...We will see what the future has in store for them ... They have decided to live the present moment and nothing but the present moment ... !


Xavier Callau

Of Spanish origin, Catalan from the Ebro Delta, I spent my childhood with my grandfather harvesting olives. Following the emigration of my parents to Switzerland, I no longer had the pleasure of participating. When I was 50, I bought myself an olive grove of around 3 ha with 183 olive trees, most of which are over 500 years old. These produce an olive oil with magnificent aromas resulting from a superior artisanal production obtained from Moruda, Farga and Sevillenca olives, cold pressed, unfiltered, in a granite press. This oil will make your taste buds travel and delight your palate

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Capture d’écran 2021-06-23 à

Evelin Gerber

Evelin is a dressmaker with an education at the master school in Duesseldorf, Germany, with many years of experience working in several different continents. She now lives in Canton Vaud, Switzerland, where she has established her own atelier and label - MonAllure.

Evelin loves working with materials that have been produced with special care and passion for environment, sustainability and wellbeing. She takes pride in continuing this approach in her design and fabrication process.

We sometimes forget that our skin is the biggest human organ and a critical support for our respirational system. It certainly deserves being covered with carefully selected materials, so it can breathe in a healthy and comfortable way.

Evelin’s creations complete the circle of caring for your body, mind and environment by providing the conditions that allow your skin to breathe in a healthy way. 

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Ines Botteron

Ines is a sport coach, but not only. She graduated in fitness and nutrition as well helping you to improve your immune system, develop your strength and / on your muscle mass and even lose weight.

"The energy comes from within but it spreads all around you ... Let me motivate you to move your body and sweat! And why not, challenge yourself as a team. Always in the respect of our body. The goal is to feel good in your sneakers well as shinning as hard as possible. I'll support you with goodwill going at your pace."

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Alain Giger

Alain is a trainer in personal and professional achievement. "After a first successful career as Managing Director, and his own transformation, Alain decided to focus on the causes rather than the effects. He is thus dedicated to solving all problems, whatever they are, in particular physical, emotional and mental, starting from the source which is always an energy imbalance.

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Tina Fracasso


After more than 18 years of working in a public administration in Geneva, I realized that I had to help people in one way or another with the stressful daily life we ​​lead in our actual society.

This awareness became obvious, since, for years I had been interested in treatments, massages, and the well-being of the people around me.

I now create personified jewelries using semi-precious crystals.

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Fernanda Bicho


My adventure in hairdressing started at the age of 17, during my apprenticeship. This job still fascinates me today, it is a creative and diverse job. During various trainings in Switzerland and abroad, I realized that we are not interested in the scalp and the hair in themselves and I realized that the external reflection was no longer enough for me. . What happens beyond? It was then that I discovered the energetic cut, it was a real revelation. Our hair are truly transmitting and receiving antennae, it reacts to all our anxieties and all our emotions are recorded there. The energetic cut is a living cut that follows the principles of Chinese medicine, thus activating the meridians and acupuncture points. This treatment will act on the mental, physical and emotional body, as well as on the hair. The latter become much brighter, stronger, more beautiful, more flexible and grow faster.

To make an appointment, please contact 078 802 03 38

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Creator of the brand "La brisa Organic" born in Ibiza.

La brisa bio in a few words ... An organic fashion born from our commitment to a conscious and impactful mode of consumption. Because we love the sea, the nature that surrounds us and of course the feeling of Breeze on the skin that comes with wearing our creations. La Brisa Orgánic has offered comfortable, sustainable, fair trade and biodegradable clothing, designed to have all kinds of experiences.

Mélanie Baudet

Beekeeper with federal patent, labeled Demeter, the label of biodynamics.

I take care of my bee colonies in a gentle and natural way.

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